Augusta Roth


Capt. Augusta “Gussie” Roth ’96
Campus Liaison Officer

The Maritime Transportation Department Head who oversees a non-traditional professional degree which requires direct interaction with the maritime industry, the federal government to maintain the license option (LO) program, and International Maritime Organization (part of the United Nations) to ensure the ship deck license option program is meeting international standards of licensing and credentials. During her 20 years, she has expanded the Marine Transportation degree to meet niche specific needs of the maritime industry by creating inland and near coastal opportunities. This is apparent from her promoting the creation of the Tug and Tow program and developing the Dynamic Program by creating the first DP lab and hiring an industry specialist for implementation of the Offshore Service Vessel Dynamic Positioning Authority program, and continuously ensures the curriculum maintains the flexibility for graduates to be the highest credentialed and qualified to enter the merchant marines.

She manages to find time to teach in the classroom to maintain her educator skills and help develop and mentor our future mariner leaders. She has recently served on the following University committees: Marine Transportation Curriculum Committee for over a decade (serving 4 yrs as chair); Maritime Operations Curriculum Development Committee (in route); CLIDE – Civic, Leteracy, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee, Women on the Water Conference Co-Chair held 7-9, 2019; License Option Program for Deck senior academic advisor to Maritime Transportation along with all other undergrad and graduate License Option programs.

Faculty Advisor and creator of the first State Maritime Academy’s Council of Master Mariner Cadet Chapter. This group is also directly affiliated with the National Maritime Professional Chapter of the Council of Master Mariners where she is on the Board as the Vice President of the Gulf Region.

Also appointed a faculty member to start the Cadet Chapter of the Women on the Water student organization to improve diversification in the maritime industry.

Professional Industry Accolades:

Represent Texas A&M University at Galveston at the Maritime Advisory Council for State Maritime Academies.

Campus Sponsor for the Federal MEDMAC meetings at the Texas A&M Galveston Campus.

United States Delegate to International Maritime Organization’s Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW 6) meetings in June 2019.

Who’s Who in Profession, but stopped accepting them since they are continuous.

Board Member as the Campus Liaison for the Sea Aggie Former Student Network

Board Member for the Boy Scouts Cub Pack 696 in Dickinson, Texas as the Outdoors Chair

Board Member for the Council American Master Mariner as Vice President of Gulf Region for the National Level

Board Member for the Council American Master Mariner as Secretary for the Houston Local Level

Faculty Advisor to Student Organization on the Texas A&M Galveston Campus for Council American Master Mariner

Member of Galveston Prop Club monthly meetings to support the scholarship endeavors for Campus Prop Club student organization.

Capt./Dr. Augusta D. Roth graduated in 1996 with Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation at the Texas Maritime Academy (Texas A&M University at Galveston), Masters of Business Administration from Phoenix University in 2008, and Doctorate of Business Administration focusing in Leadership from Walden University in 2018. She joined Texas A&M at Galveston in 2000 as a lecturer and continuously advanced through the ranks to become the first female Maritime Transportation Department Head in 2012. In addition, she teaches any course pertaining to maritime operations, navigation, shiphandling, seamanship, communications, and sea terms. She oversee the deck creation and implementation of International Maritime Organization’s Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW), United States Coast Guard, and Maritime Administration (MARAD) regulatory requirements and training of merchant marine officers along with managing the Marine Transportation Bachelor Science Degree for 350-400 students. She is the primary designer of the Maritime Simulation Facilities at Texas A&M University at Galveston. She heavily engages in maritime industry to create internships at sea and endowments, which includes her own Fuel Fund Endowment to provide scholarships for her students in License Option Programs going on sea terms.